Monday, April 11, 2016

Eliminate ingrown hair with these easy tips.

So if a some ingrown hairs are making you believe you will never be ready for the bikini or even ready for the beach, let’s take a look at these ways to limit or reduce them.

Shave At The End Of Each Shower.

I confess it; I used to be a person who just dived into the shower and began shaving right away. It was my habit and I had done it for many years.

And suddenly I found out that this was really making my ingrown hairs!

Shaving is a stressful method for the skin. It can quickly damage hair follicles, that consequently promotes ingrown hairs. To decrease the risk of that happening, it is desirable that you shave at the very end of your shower.

What you are actually doing is hydrating the hair follicles in order for them to become soft. When they are soft, they do not pull and tug as much. Therefore, they do not curl.

Exfoliate More Often.

One of the greatest tips on how to eliminate ingrown hairs is to exfoliate ahead of shaving or waxing. This is since that the layer of dead skin is very thick, it makes it difficult for a hair to cut through and shoot up upright like a dandelion.

Use Vinegar.

vinegar is excellent when it comes to picking out ingrown hairs. Soak heated vinegar with a towel just before using it to the affected place for approximately 10 minutes. Do this several times a day till ultimately you will notice the hair fighting its way out.