Monday, April 11, 2016

Natural remedies to get rid of ingrown hair!

Ingrown hairs are now another one of the banes of a female's life. No one wants these things, and no one ever said they hope they had more ingrown hairs. However, just like anything else, we get them sometimes. It is as if nature really prefers to play games! The great thing is that ingrown hairs can be dismissed and they can also be stopped from ever coming back.

Do not Wear Tight Cloth.

The first tip ever on how to get relieved of ingrown hairs is to stop wearing skintight clothing.
Tight shirts and jeans cause irritation, that in turn applies pressure on your sensitive hair follicles. What follows is that they get all protective and vulnerable and they begin to curl into your skin. Which is not cool.

Use Tweezers.

Make sure the tweezers are clean and sterile, and regularly remove your hairs ahead of waxing or shaving. It is pretty easy to do; just push the lump with the needle. It will come out about a minute later. Do not be frightened if a tiny blood comes out, as well. And do not forget to sterilize the skin.

Apply Aloe Vera gel.

Aloe Vera is fabulous. It can be used to manage so various skin conditions and illnesses, and it can surely be used to strongly manage ingrown hairs.

Using a blend of  Aloe Vera and  tea tree oil is the greatest way to go; it decreases the inflammation before fighting any infection created by the curled hairs.

While Aloe Vera itself does not exclude the hair completely, it makes the real removal process much less uncomfortable.