Monday, May 23, 2016

4 powerful tips for your first date with the new guy!

Even if you have been on many first dates before, the first date with a new guy can be strangely daunting. You want this one to go greater than the last one since part of you actually and deeply thinks that this one might be the one. You need to erase out all past mistakes, focus and impress the new man in your life.

1. Listen To Him.

No one wants to go on a date and not be heard too. If you do not listen to him, you will struggle to keep the discussion going.

Choose up on things he says, ask engaging questions and add impressive stuff to the discussion. You are here to try to know him, so the last thing you need to do is asking him through the end of the date for anything he already told you few hours ago!

2. Switch Your Phone Off.

There is really nothing more discouraging than going on a date with someone who is regularly looking at their phone. It is even worse when they do not just check their phone, but really, reply to messages as well! It gives the idea that they are not interested.

To make sure you are not motivated to check your Facebook or type in a quick text when he is at the bar, keep your phone turned off. He will absolutely remember you as the girlfriend who is not obsessed with her phone.

3. Ask Questions.

Guys are assumed to take the edge on first dates and ask engaging questions about us. However, they get sincerely bothered when it turns out that they are asking the questions. They need you to join in and ask them stuff, as well!

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